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Online Gambling Legality

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m in favor of online gambling.

This makes my situation a little unusual, because I am a US citizen, and the US has some strange laws. In fact, I suspect that nobody really understands them all. For one thing, a lot of people think that online gambling is just illegal. That’s crazy! I don’t know where they got that idea…

…well, I kinda do know where they got that idea. Some people want all gambling to be illegal, and they know how to twist the facts and convince people that it already is. I suppose these same people would pretend that alcohol was illegal if they thought that people wouldn’t know any better.

Plus, the laws that do exist don’t really help the matter. The only Federal law that talks about online gambling is called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and when you see someone refer to it (even professional journalists, who really should know better), nine times out of ten they’ll think that it makes online gambling illegal.

Some states do have more specific rules, and I highly recommend checking out the details of whatever state you happen to be in (a thorough and fairly current reference is over at, but keep in mind that these things can change with very little notice!).

* * Update * *
There have been a lot of changes to the legal status of online gambling in the U.S. recently. due to the changes in the legality of online gambling there are a lot of new players entering the game, so to speak. Now, we mean that in several ways. First there are businesses that are creating newer, faster, safer & all around better playing formats. There is not going to be the same question of reliability that there has been previously because companies are overhauling the entire process to help ensure that cheats stay out & hackers can’t break in. They are ensuring the most smooth gameplay & they are making sure it is as fast as if you were sitting there live playing cards with someone. There can be no doubt that the new laws have changed the entire face of the game & if companies want to keep up they are going to have to become innovators rather than responding to the emerging market. This is harder than it sounds & many of these small sites will fall apart during this time but most of those sites are not & have not been truly reliable for their players in many ways up until now anyway. Most people will be very happy to see them go & have newer better safer sites take their place because these new sites will be much more legitimate.

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