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Welcome to Marcia’s little home on the web. I’m going to talk about my main hobby, which is online gambling.

Have you been? I personally love it, though I can understand that some people don’t. To each his own (unless your own is going out of its way to stop me from my own!).

Anyway, there’s been a huge boom in online gambling over the last several years. Even if you haven’t noticed, you’ve surely seen that poker (for example) is much more popular than it was, say, fifteen years or so ago. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that computers are more powerful and Internet connections are faster.

Security has gotten better, too — many people who wouldn’t have dreamed of making an online purchase in 1999 have no worries about shopping at Amazon, bidding at eBay, or handling all of their bank transactions on the bank’s secured and encrypted site.

Well, that’s exactly the technology that online gambling sites now use, and it’s going a long way toward reassuring people that Internet gambling is a safe and secure hobby. Me personally, I haven’t had a single problem in the last few years…and when I did have problems, it was mainly because of my own ignorance, not because of any problem with security!

But that’s a whole other story (you’ll get it on the “Tips” page if you stick around long enough!). What I’m hoping to do with this site is to connect interested people who don’t have enough information with the sites that can tell them what they need to know. What I have on these pages is probably enough for beginners, or people who are comfortable with what they know and are just looking for experienced recommendations for online gambling sites.

I realize that sometimes gambling can become a problem for individuals who become obsessed with playing to win. I mention this because it’s the responsible thing to do. I have a friend who really harmed himself, his relationships with his family and his financial standing by overdoing what to me is a good thing. Fortunately he sought help and the therapy worked. He now focuses on his new obsession, his business – an online jewelry store selling exquisite cubic zirconia rings and other bling. He used an existing online store as his model and then found suppliers in China that could follow his cz ring designs perfectly. With a small investment he was able to create a viable online store in spite of the raging competition and is succeeding (knock wood) with a lot of hard work.

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First & foremost you must always remember the basics. Finds the right site & keep your mind open about changing to another if the right circumstances arise. Be watchful for specials, bonuses & promotions that are designed to entice you to join another site, these can be very beneficial to the user, in this case you! Also remember that you must be wise when playing. You should never be manipulated into playing with anything less than the most disciplined fashion. Remember that you do not have to play every single hand & hope that you get good cards. You should only play good cards & then hope they get better. These are all some very important tips & reminders but the most important are still to come. You should not be afraid to get up from the game when you are ahead & you should not chase your money if you are having a bad night but the most important thing to remember is that this is a game & when it stops being fun you should stop playing it.

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